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3D VR Glasses/ Headset - Inspired by Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift - Virtual Reality Gear - CurioCity


3D VR Glasses/ Headset - Inspired by Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift - Virtual Reality Gear

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Escape into a 3D Virtual Reality World! Human engineered so that you do not feel the load on your nose and eyes.

  • TAKES CARE OF YOUR EYES AND EXERTS ZERO PRESSURE - Lower eyelid is the weakest part of the eyes. Design based on human engineering - the headband is positioned to relieve the load of Nose Bridge and eyelid so as to alleviate feeling of fatigue.
  • OVERSIZED VISUAL ANGLE GETS YOU IMMERSIVE - Provides panoramic view and the screen is magnified 5.2 times, the super vision will give you unlimited 3D world, an incredible visual fidelity and immersive feeling.
  • NO ADJUSTMENTS ARE NEEDED FOR THE MIDDLE LINE OF DOUBLE SCREENS - The supporting structure for mobile phones in the left and right perfectly immobilizes the phone. Also, it supports phones of larger size. There is no need to adjust the position of mobile phones after the first adjustment. The middle line adjustment is so simple! The design is just humanized and awesome.
  • ASPHERIC LENS DESIGN, FRAMES WILL BE MORE COMFORTABLE - Aspheric lens design, the frame has no abnormalities and perfectly fit for visual comfort, wearing it does not give spinning sensation. The design provides for high level of adjustment and no ghosting.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALMOST ALL MOBILE PHONES - CurioCity VR glasses is compact size but it supports large phones sizes. It is compatibles with almost all mobile phones. Suitable for any smart phone with screen size 4.0” - 6.0". It is compatible with mobile phones whose length doesn't exceed 160mm and width doesn't exceed 85mm.


Now You Can Enjoy The Most Incredible, High-Fidelity, Crystal Clear 3D and Virtual Reality experience - Anywhere, Anytime

CurioCity Virtual Reality Headset is an entry-level VR headset for both techno-geeks and the casual customer looking to explore the hottest new technology this century.

With the Virtual Reality Headset it's never been easier to live the action of your favourite films or explore fantasy worlds. Ditch 3D glasses and embrace true 3D. Strap Yourself into New technology and it doesn't need to be complicated.

Simply start playing a VR film on your phone, and then slide it into the headset to begin watching. Once strapped in, you can adjust the focal and inter-pupillary distance settings to get the perfect 3D image and protect against eye strain.

The headset has been designed to maximize comfort by having a soft breathable leather and sponge casing around your eyes to lighten pressure on your face. A New Age Virtual Reality Glasses Compatible with apps from the Apple App and Google Play Stores, you'll have access to an ever growing library of exciting content.

Product Specification:
Size: 200*100*120mm
Weight: 330g
Material: ABS + environmental safe polycarbonate
Lens: 40mm Diameter, anti-distortion and aspherical optical design
FOV: 102 degree
Focal Distance Adjustment: 20mm
Inter-Pupillary distance Adjustment: 55 – 68 mm
Myopia: 0-600 degree
Phones Supported: IOS, Android, Microsoft
Maximum Phone Size: 160mm length x 85mm width (screen size 4.0” to 6.0”)

Package Contents:
1 x VR Glasses
1 x Microfiber cleaning cloth
1 x User Manual

- Inter-Pupillary Distance (IPD) and Focal Distance (FD) Buttons should not be rotated with excessive force
-Videos in 3D/VR style is necessary for the desired effect.
-If you have any questions, please contact us, we will help you! [User Manual for reference]

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