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Warranty Information

We only sell products either manufactured by us, or by other reputed manufactured having their own service centers in India.



The warranty for your product will be valid from the purchase date of your new, unused and sealed product, for the period stated by the brand which might vary from model to model.  So we suggest, that you maintain your invoice copy for date reference. If an invoice is not produced at the time of warranty claim, you might have to pay repair charges and won't avail any replacement benefits. Product warranty in India usually ranges from 6 months to 1 year. All products from our in-house brand are warranted for 6 months.  


Please note that under any circumstance, replacement for your product will not provided instantly. First, the manufacturer's service center will inspect the product subject to warranty claim to determine at its sole discretion whether the defect is due to any kind of physical damage or a manufacturing defect. Then if determined to be due to a manufacturing defect, they will see if it is repairable and get it fixed at the earliest. If not, then a replacement will surely be provided. Please note that this procedure is followed by most manufacturers and it will most probably take longer time then you'd like.  



If you've received a sealed package that contains a product which isn't in proper working condition, it will be classified as dead on arrival. This means, you haven't got a chance to use it. Good News! Warranty in India can be claimed under such situations. However, Any defect with the product accessories supplied may not count as dead on arrival.


You've used your product for some time now, with immense amount of care, for the intended purposes, and all of a sudden it stops working, or some of its features stop working. If it is within the warranty period, you can claim warranty by contacting the manufacturer's service team at the number/email mentioned in the manual or you can always contact us, to get the manufacturers contact. 


Discomfort due to ergonomic design of the product, and damage caused due to reckless use will not be covered under warranty for manufacturing defect. If the product has been altered by any third party other than an authorized service person, it will not qualify for warranty claim. In case of headphones or speakers, dissatisfaction with the sound quality will not qualify as a warranty claim.


No brand will be liable for any incidental, consequential or indirect damages under warranty for products in India. No warranty will be provided under such conditions. 


Shipping costs will have to be incurred by the customer to send the products along with invoice to the nearest service center. 


If you do not get any help with from the manufacturer in case of warranty claim for your products, we're always there to help you. Contact us at +91 9511 91 8611 or care@curiocityworld.in with all the details and we'll mediate between you and the manufacturer.

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Wireless Hands-Free Bluetooth Sun Visor In-Car Speaker phone Car Kit

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Good product. very handy, easy to use.
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Car Dual USB charger with Car Battery Voltage LED Display - 3.4A