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CurioCity™ New Design Bluetooth Smart Band fitness tracker with Android, iPhone App

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We launched a new fitness band last week!

CurioCity™ Bluetooth Smart Band fitness tracker - New Design, with Android, iPhone App

This is a fresh new design fitness band with, with advanced algorithm to track step counts .

Due to this advanced algorithm, the pedometer function is super accurate, eliminating false positives, caused due to vehicle vibrations, etc. The steps count measurement is always conservative, and it will never give you bloated readings for step counts.

This band need to be paired with an app in your phone (veryfit, or Veryfit 2.0). This app also integrates with Google Fit, and your activity data is also visible in Google Fit.

The App is really nice, and you can see advanced graphical displays of your various activities, including sleep.

Needless to say, it has all the latest features you expect from a modern fitness watch, including various activity reminders, alarms, anti lost, and remote camera operation.

All in all, it is a feature packed smart fitness watch, in a neat package.

We are sure you would thoroughly enjoy this fitness band. Buy one, and start using it right away!

 Click here to shop: www.curiocityworld.in

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