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Smart Wrist Band with Heart Rate Monitor, Multi-Function Wireless Fitness Activity Tracker for Android and iOS

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We launched a new fitness product this weekend!

Heart Rate Monitor, Multi-Function Wireless Fitness Activity Tracker wrist band for Android and iOS

This is an advanced fitness band with heart rate monitoring function.

Besides the usual fitness band functions - Pedometer, calories, sleep monitor; it automatically measures and records your heart rate throughout the day and night. It calculates your mean resting heart rate, and then applies a set of formulae to deduce effectiveness of various fitness activities you do (cardio, fat burning, etc.)

This band need to be paired with an app in your phone (Veryfit 2.0). This app also integrates with Google Fit, and your activity data is also visible in Google Fit.

The App is really nice, and you can even see your heart rate graph against time, and analyse how your heart rate changed during particular activities.

This watch also has a wrist sensor, and goes to sleep when is senses it is not on your wrist. 

All in all, it is a feature packed smart watch, in a neat package.

We are sure you would thoroughly enjoy this smart band. Buy one, and start using it right away!

 Click here to shop: www.curiocityworld.in

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