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CurioCity Super Bass Metal Bluetooth Speaker – Sheer Enjoyment

Bluetooth Speaker Customer Feedback

I’m a good music fan. I love listening to Enigma and other instrumentals. I prefer listening to some relaxing and soul music. I feel that music is a very powerful medium of communication and immensely helps in reducing my pressure and worries in different ways. 

Why I bought this CurioCity Speaker?

I was not happy with the current speaker I owned. Not to mention it was expensive and came with huge price tags leaving me stuck with a branded system and low quality music effect. With that in mind, I began my search for the latest Bluetooth speakers, and found the CurioCity Super Bass Metal Bluetooth Speaker System.

To say I was excited is an understatement, because CurioCity Bluetooth speaker system nailed the box. The best part about these speakers is that, they are quite small. Unlike what you think and feel, these speakers are not huge and blaring. Usually they can measure up to 50mm in height and 70mm in diameter.

They are neither heavy, which means these speakers are portable. They weigh around 200 gm. I found this an advantage when travelling to my aunt’s house which is a few hours away. Located in a remote area with my own room in there, I love to listen to the music. It just takes my sorrows away.

You can place them wherever you want to, like your table when you are working or in the kitchen when you are cooking and things like that. The effect of the speakers is just fantastic and has to be heard to be believed. The bass is deep and the mids are high. If you love to play games, then we have a winner in here.

The kind of music you listen to does not make a difference. If you are a music lover like me and want to experience better music and understand the power of it, then don’t feel shy to spend some bucks. You can think of it as an investment. But, make sure that you purchase the CurioCity Super Bass Metal Bluetooth Speaker from a reliable online seller.

These speakers can also be used as handsfree for your phone, listening to FM radio and music on micro SD card!

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase!

(This article is written based on a customer interview from our “Voice of Customer” initiative)

This Bluetooth speaker is available for sale in the “Mobile Lifestyle Accessories” section on our website at:


You can visit the link above, and browse the available products.


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